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Switching Brokerages checklist

Stage 1: Before you announce
Export your data into new sources:
Client list
Referral list
Ongoing workflow spreadsheet

Order new collateral
Business cards
Name tags

Stage 2: After you announce
Update platforms you use:
E-sign platforms such as Docusign
Zip forms
National and local MLS changes
Local real estate associations

Update your digital collateral with new logo and contact info:
Landing page/website
Email newsletter

Stage 3: Spread the word
Take care of your current clients:
Terminate listings
Resign with new brokerage

Inform your past clients:
Create an email campaign
Send notes with your new business card

Welcome to eXp Realty!

Open an application at: https://joinapp.exprealty.com/

Onboarding will contact you once you complete the application (Estimated time is 10 min.)

CALIFORNIA- Required steps to transfer your license to the STATE OF CALIFORNIA:

• Go to the DRE website- www.dre.ca.gov
• Click on e-licensing
• If you have a sales license, Click the View/Add Responsible Broker tab
• If you have a broker license, Click the View/Add Responsible Broker tab
• When asked to furnish the eXp Realty license number, it is 01878277
• You will be asked if your broker is available to confirm your license, answer “No.”
• You will then be asked to furnish the broker’s email address. It is ca.broker@exprealty.net.
• While in the e-licensing section, please change the mailing address to your home mailing address.
• Please use the address below for your main office address- 2603 Camino Ramon # 200, San Ramon, CA 94583.
• If you have a broker license, there is a separate step on e-licensing to change the main office address. Please make sure to change that to the address above before leaving e-licensing.
• If you are coming to eXp from another CA brokerage, please contact your Association/Board of REALTORS to change your broker with your local MLS. They may require a transfer form.
• You are required to join a local Association of REALTORS and the National Association of REALTORS immediately after joining eXp Realty. Please verify that Deborah Penny and eXp Realty are members. Otherwise, you may need to join another Association/Board.

After your license has transferred to eXp Realty, the agent onboarding division will send you an email with instructions on setting up various accounts and the CA broker staff will be sending you a packet of important information and handouts. Please read them and keep them handy for quick reference because you are responsible for all the information you receive.

Once your license is transferred to eXp Realty, you will need to contact your local Association of REALTORS (AOR) to transfer your membership to eXp Realty if you are currently a member of that AOR.

If you don't belong to an AOR, you will need to contact your local AOR and complete the membership to join. Most AORs require a broker's signature on the transfer form.
Please fill out the form completely and prepare it for signature by Deborah Penny.
Email the form via an electronic signature system (ie. Docusign, zip logic, etc.) sending it to the following email address- ca.sign@exprealty.net.

eXp Resources
Goto place for questions: eXplore.eXpRealty.com
Goto place for training session calendar, policies and procedures, brand guidelines, logos, business cards, and signs: www.eXpCloud.com

Go to http://eXp.World. This is your go-to for support where you would normally call someone and where all of the training sessions happen.

Training sessions to take in eXp World (see schedule at www.eXpCloud.com):
Introduction To eXp Realty
eXp Agent Orientation
eXp Marketing Center Training
eXp Enterprise Training (this is where you can see your stock, revenue share, transaction history and more)
Fast Start (if you're newer to the industry)
kvCORE Q & A (this is your website, lead generation system, CRM…)
kcCORE Advanced Training
SkySlope Basic Training (this is the task and transaction management system eXp uses)
SkySlope Advanced Training
Build Your Revenue Share

Download Workplace and Workplace Chat apps. This is the best way to stay up to speed with what's going on within the company and is a good way to connect with eXp agents and corporate employees, especially when you're out and about.
Workplace: link
Workplace Chat: link
Workplace: link
Workplace Chat: link
How to manage notifications: link
Best Groups to Join:
Fast Forward Movement: link
eXp Realty Announcement: link
eXp Referral Network: link
kvCORE Discussion: link
eXp Technology Updates & Announcements: link
Locate and join your state group

Set Up your kvCORE platform:
Login to eXp Enterprise and click on Optional Services on the left.
Complete the kvCORE Top Ten training: link.
Make sure you take the trainings in eXp World.
For additional help and support, go here: link

Setup your Regus executive suite membership: link

Weekly Exclusive Training:
Tuesdays: live Q&A (typically with Jay Kinder, Al Stasek, and John Kitchen) bi-weekly on Tuesdays @ 9:00 AM PST in Honey Badger Facebook Group: link
On alternating weeks, Dan Beer and Kyle Whissel will host this at 10:00 AM PST in the Fast Forward Movement group on Workplace: link
Wednesdays: live training (AKA eXpert Mentors Live) Wednesdays @ 10:00 AM PST: link
Thursdays: One Big Fire eXp Explained with Jay Kinder @ 11:00 AM PST: link
Fridays: Free Coaching Fridays with John Kitchens @ 10:00 AM PST: link

Agent attraction tools and videos to watch/use:
Updated eXp slide deck: link
Brent Gove best practices short version: link
Brent Gove best practices long version: link
Brent Gove presentation/webinar: link
Mary, Kyle, and Dan presentation/webinar: www.FastForwardMovement.com
Jay Kinder best practices: link
Curtis Johnson best practices: link
Anthony Lee best practices: link
Kevin Schumacher best practices: link

Invite a guest to eXp World: InviteAGuest.eXpRealty.com

Your team name (EarleySchick&Associates),


70 Percent Rule Calculator https://realestateinvesting.com/70-percent-rule-calculator/

Deal Analyzer https://realestateinvesting.com/deal-analyzer/

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